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SBA Disaster Loan Assistance Program

Mar Small Business Loan

Loan Specifics:

• Eligible entities may qualify for loans up to $2 million.
• Interest rates for this disaster are 3.75% for all businesses and 2.75% for nonprofit organizations with terms up to 30 years.
• To get a complete description of the SBA Disaster Loan Program that describes the eligibility, application, and timelines in a detailed step by step process, click below:
• Any questions, email Vince LoPresti, Senior Area Manager of the South Florida District Office in Ft. Pierce:

In addition, the State of Florida is providing the Florida Emergency Bridge Loan Program

Loan Specifics:
• Amounts: Maximum $50,000.
• Loans of up to $100,000 may be made in special cases as warranted by the need of the business.
• Term: 1 year.
• Interest Rate: Interest free for the loan term (1 year).
• Payments: Payments are not required during the established loan term, but loans must be paid in full by the end of the loan term.
• ELIGIBILITY: Must be a for profit small business owner (from 2 to 100 employees); have been established in Florida prior to March 9, 2020; and demonstrate economic injury as a result of COVID-19.
• To Apply Visit

For assistance in completing the application, contact your local Florida Small Business Development Center (SBDC) office at


Mar Small Business

Chairman Marco Rubio (R-FL), Ranking Member Ben Cardin (D-MD), Chairman Susan Collins (R-ME), and Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) release the final Keeping American Workers Paid and Employed Act

“Your proposed $350 billion loan guaranty and assistance package, the Keeping Workers Paid and Employed Act of 2020, is critical to the economic survival of millions of businesses and their employees right now,” wrote Mark Wilson, President & CEO, Florida Chamber of Commerce. “The Florida Chamber of Commerce fully supports your efforts and we stand ready to continue to assist you in every way we can in the weeks and months ahead as we unite to protect our fellow citizens’ health and economic well-being and secure Florida’s future.”

“The CARES Act is both timely and necessary to ensure the survival and economic strength of the small business community which is the very foundation of the economic strength of the Nation,” wrote C. Edward Rowe III, President & CEO, America’s SBDC. “It will bring relief to cash strapped small businesses and offer them the prospect of a future. It will support them in their desire to aid their employees, and keep their businesses, their investment in the American Dream, alive.”

“We applaud you for your proposal for small businesses because it respects the integrity of employers, strengthens how they already operate business, and removes government bureaucracy,” wrote members of American Business Immigration Coalition (ABIC) and Immigration Partnership and Coalition (IMPAC) Fund. “Your focus on assisting small businesses will turn out to be one of the most important efforts we can undertake to make sure the negative impacts of this crisis are as short-lived as possible.”

“Your bill, the Keeping Workers Paid and Employed Act, included in the CARES Act, supports the nation’s small business owners at a time of great need by expanding uses for the Small Business Administration’s 7(a) loans and providing resources to WBCs to provide counseling, training, and other services for small business owners impacted by COVID-19,” wrote Corrine Hodges, CEO, Associations of Women’s Business Centers. “The CARES Act helps illuminate a path forward for these businesses, and those they employ, by providing much needed financial support. For the sake of American entrepreneurs everywhere, their families and employees, and on behalf of all WBCs, we fully endorse this bill and thank you for your support.”

“By utilizing the pre-existing commercial banking system in America to make direct loans, while increasing the capacity of the program to authorize and guarantee these loans, your proposal will get needed working capital to our businesses before it is too late,” wrote the members of the Greater New Orleans, Inc., the regional economic development organization serving the 10-parish region of Southeast Louisiana

“We support provisions based on Sen. Marco Rubio’s proposal for small businesses of up to 500 employees to provide loans that will be converted to grants to the extent that employers use the funds to keep their employees on the payroll,” wrote Thomas Donohue, CEO, U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

“Small business employers are job creators. Small business employers want to keep their employees on salary during this crisis,” wrote 25 small business advocacy organizations in a letter led by the Job Creators Network. “A small business emergency loan program that includes forgiveness for an appropriate percentage of payroll for any small business that keeps their employees on salary will allow small businesses to keep America employed.”

“This legislation will empower the Small Business Administration (SBA) to provide critical financial assistance to small businesses across America as they face uniquely trying times,” wrote James Tobin III, Executive Vice President & Chief Lobbyist, National Association of Home Builders.

“The small business provisions proposed in the CARES Act will enable IEC’s merit shop electrical contractors weather the unprecedented economic times that all businesses will be facing in the coming months,” wrote Jason Todd, Vice President, Independent Electrical Contractors. “IEC strongly urges Congress to include these small business provisions in Phase 3 of the COVID-19 legislation currently under consideration. These measures will provide additional resources and relief needed for merit shop electrical contractors and their employees to weather what is expected to be a significant economic downturn.”

“We endorse ideas like the $300 billion small business package put forward by Small Business Committee Chairman Senator Marco Rubio and Sen. Susan Collins to provide $300 billion in guaranteed small business loans -- with the loan being forgiven at the end of the period (hopefully 10 to 12 weeks) if the money is used for payroll and other typical expenses, like increased cleaning costs, to stay afloat,” wrote Kent Knutson, Head of Public Affairs, OYO Hotels and Homes.

“Senators Marco Rubio, Susan Collins, and Lamar Alexander have introduced the Keeping Workers Paid and Employed Act that would provide 100% federally guaranteed loans to employers who maintain their payroll,” wrote Patriot Voices.

“This assistance will be needed in addition to financial assistance to cover the small business normal operating daily expenses such as rents, leases, utilities, operating debt from the previous year, and any other normal operating expenses necessary to operate their businesses,” wrote Capt. Jim Green, President, Destin Charter Boat Association. “We appreciate and applaud the bipartisan efforts in Congress, and we urge you all to push this across the finish line with items only concerning the economics of our nation.”

Martin County April Meetings

19 July MC Commissioners logo

Notice is hereby given of the following meetings to be held at the Martin County Administrative Center, 2401 SE Monterey Road, Stuart, Florida and other locations as indicated for April 2020. Matters affecting your personal and property rights may be heard and acted upon. All interested persons are invited to attend and be heard. Written comments may be sent to the Board of County Commissioners, 2401 SE Monterey Road, Stuart, FL 34996.

Persons with disabilities who need an accommodation in order to participate in this proceeding are entitled, at no cost, to the provision of certain assistance. This does not include transportation to and from the meeting. Please contact the County ADA Coordinator at (772) 320-3131, the Office of the County Administrator at (772) 221-2360, or in writing to 2401 SE Monterey Road, Stuart, FL, 34996, no later than three days before the hearing date. Persons using a TDD device, please call 711 Florida Relay Services.

An agenda of items to be considered will be available to the public in the Administrator's Office, 2401 SE Monterey Road, Stuart, Florida. Items not included on the agenda may also be heard in consideration of the best interests of the public's health, safety, welfare, and as necessary to protect every person's right of access.

If any person decides to appeal any decision made with respect to any matter considered at the meetings or hearings of any board, committee, agency, council, or advisory group, that person will need a record of the proceedings and, for such purpose, may need to insure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record should include the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based.

April 7 & 21, 2020 at 9:00 am
Location: John F. Armstrong Wing of the Blake Library, 2351 SE Monterey Road, Stuart
These meetings will be televised live on MCTV Channel 20 (Comcast), Channel 99 (U-verse), and online at

April 23, 2020 at 10:00 am
Location: Airport Maintenance Building, 1895 SE Flying Fortress Lane, Stuart

April 23, 2020 at 7:00 pm
Location: Commission Chambers

CITIZEN'S ADVISORY COMMITTEE of the Metropolitan Planning Organization
April 29, 2020 at 9:00 am
Location: Growth Management Department Conference Room (1st floor)

April 15, 2020 at 9:00 am
Location: Commission Chambers
This meeting will be televised live on MCTV Channel 20 (Comcast), Channel 99 (U-verse), and online at

April 27, 2020 at 3:00 pm
Location: Commission Chambers
This meeting will be televised live on MCTV Channel 20 (Comcast), Channel 99 (U-verse), and online at

April 22, 2020 at 4:00 pm
Location: Growth Management Department Conference Room (1st floor)

April 22, 2020 at 4:00 pm
Location: Commission Chambers

April 15, 2020 at 11:00 am
Location: Growth Management Department Conference Room (1st floor)

April 2 & 16, 2020 at 7:00 pm
Location: Commission Chambers
These meetings will be televised live on MCTV Channel 20 (Comcast), Channel 99 (U-verse), and online at

TECHNICAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE of the Metropolitan Planning Organization
April 29, 2020 at 1:30 pm
Location: Workshop Meeting Room (4th floor)

April 15, 2020 at 3:00 pm
Location: Commission Chambers

April 23, 2020 at 9:30 am
Location: Commission Chambers

This notice dated: March 25, 2020.
For more information, please contact Donna Gordon, Executive Aide, Administration, 772.221.1352 or


Mar Rubio

My Coronavirus Plan: Combating America’s supply chain risk and dependence on China for pharmaceuticals
Across the world, news of the coronavirus outbreak is dominating headlines, and with good reason – the pandemic’s apparently high transmissibility rates and lethal danger it poses make it an exceptionally grave threat. The fact that China, ground zero for the virus and home to an overwhelming majority of ongoing cases, refuses to be transparent with its data adds to the seriousness of the situation.
As I wrote recently in an op-ed, the Chinese Communist Party is not a responsible global power, and the party’s blatant mishandling of the coronavirus has clearly revealed that.

Unfortunately, this was predictable.

Last year, I noted in Modern Healthcare that when it comes to the threat China poses to the U.S. healthcare industry, we cannot afford to be complacent.

And a report I released last February detailed critical vulnerabilities in America’s medical supply chain, warning, “the U.S. runs the risk of losing important components of its medical supply chain to China’s government-backed industry.”

At the time, those seemed like abstract concerns, but we now know they are real. Americans unable to buy medical masks and who see headlines about potential shortages of critical, irreplaceable drugs will be familiar.

The coronavirus outbreak makes clear how dependent our nation is on China for industrial capacity, especially in critical areas of our economy.

Health and Human Services Secretary Azar publicly acknowledged this on Tuesday when he confirmed to me that the coronavirus outbreak is “a wake-up call that perhaps we are overly dependent on a supply chain so heavily concentrated in one place in the world.”

That’s why I am planning to introduce legislation to curb America’s dependence on China that will:

REQUIRE drugmakers to provide the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with the volume of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) derived from each manufacturing source,RESTORE Buy America Act preferences for pharmaceuticals, and COMBAT supply chain risk and U.S. dependence on China for APIs.


Mar Rubio

Washington, D.C. — U.S. Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Ben Cardin (D-MD), Chairman and Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, sent a letter to Jovita Carranza, Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), requesting information on the agency’s plan to ensure small businesses are prepared to respond to potential disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“As the situation continues to evolve, it is becoming clear that the threat of widespread transmission of COVID-19 could have severe economic impacts on small businesses and the U.S. economy as a whole,” the senators wrote. “For this reason, we urge you to take immediate action to ensure that small businesses and their employees are equipped to prepare for, and respond to, the anticipated spread of COVID-19 in order to reduce both short-term and long-term disruptions.”

Go Behind the Scenes of Martin County Government

Martin CARES, or Citizens Academy and Resource Education Series, is an award-winning program that offers residents a behind-the-scenes look at Martin County government. Over a six-week period, residents will hear from departments under the Board of County Commissioners as well as Martin County's Constitutional Officers. Participants will also enjoy exciting field trips such as watching an ocean rescue at Jensen Beach, riding the runway at the Martin County Airport at Witham Field, touring the award-winning Tropical Farms Wastewater Treatment Plant, learning how to make road signs and seeing larvae eating fish first hand at Mosquito Control!

Still not convinced? Listen to what these participants from our last class have to say about their experience! is a photo journal featuring people, "Who they are, what they do and where they do it".
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Industrial Development Authority Vacancy

19 July MC Commissioners logo

The Martin County Board of County Commissioners is seeking applications from individuals interested in being considered for appointment to fill a vacancy on the Industrial Development Authority. All individuals serve without compensation and are requested to submit an Application for Appointment to Martin County Administration by Friday, March 20, 2020. For an Application, please call Martin County Administration 288.5756 or send email to Email Donna.

VACANT POSITION: All members must be residents and registered voters in Martin County. This term will expire in September 2022.

The Industrial Development Authority was created pursuant to Chapter 159 of the Florida Statutes and is responsible for financing and refinancing projects for the public purposes described in "The Florida Industrial Development Financing Act", Florida Statutes, and for the purposes of fostering the economic development of a County.

Meetings are held as needed. The Liaison for the Authority is the Business Development Board.

Florida law prohibits an advisory board member from doing business with its agency (the County). Section 112.313(3) and (7), Fla. Stat. is a photo journal featuring people, "Who they are, what they do and where they do it".
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Library Board of Trustees Vacancies

19 July MC Commissioners logo

The Martin County Board of County Commissioners is seeking applications from individuals interested in being considered for appointment to fill four vacancies on the Library Board of Trustees. All individuals serve without compensation and are requested to submit an Application for Appointment to Martin County Administration by Friday, March 20, 2020. For an Application, please call Martin County Administration 288-5756 or send email to Donna - Click here.

To be eligible to serve, all members must be a resident of Martin County and shall not be public office holders nor shall members be employed in the County library or be related to a Library employee. On February 18, 2020, the Board of County Commissioners increased the membership from five members to nine members.

The Library Board of Trustees shall have the following duties, functions, and responsibilities: To serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of County Commissioners and the County Administration through the Library Director as follows:
(a) Should the Library Director position become vacant, the County Administrator will provide the Trustees with the top three candidates being considered, their application and resumes. The County Administrator will solicit comments from the Trustees on each of the candidates and discuss possible rankings of the candidates prior to making a final determination. The final decision will be the responsibility of the County Administrator with confirmation by the Board of County Commissioners.
(b) Develop library policy with the advice and counsel of the Library Director, especially concerning library hours, book selection, use of meeting rooms, etc.
(c) Make continuing studies of all existing and future needs of the County in respect to public facilities and services.
(d)Review the financial position of the library system and make reports and submit recommendations regarding sound and feasible budget financing.
(e) Keep constantly aware of public library standards, trends, regulations, and legislation.
(f) Formulate or recommend actions to raise the quality of service and utilization of financial assistance from state, national, and other sources.

Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month at 4:00 pm at the Blake Library and various public library locations. The next meetings are scheduled for March 18, April 15, and May 20. Members shall be required to attend two-thirds of the regularly scheduled meetings in any 12-month period or they shall be dropped from membership. is a photo journal featuring people, "Who they are, what they do and where they do it".
Do you have something to say, an event to talk about? An event you would like to have covered? Do it here!
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Washington, D.C. — U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) sent a letter to Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin and Attorney General William Barr requesting the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) exercise its authority and launch a full review of the national security implications of AT&T’s upcoming sale of the Central European Media Group Enterprises (CME) to the Czech-owned conglomerate PPF Group.

In the letter Rubio wrote, “I believe the Administration needs to conduct closer reviews of corporate deals like AT&T’s sale of CME, and understand how the Chinese government and Communist Party work through proxies like PPF. Failure to do so undercuts U.S. diplomatic efforts aimed at countering the Chinese Communist Party’s political interference in foreign governments and societies.”

Rubio is Cochair of the bipartisan and bicameral Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC), as well as a member of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.


Washington, D.C. — U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) urged Attorney General William Barr to vigilantly identify and enforce the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in light of the “Phase One” trade agreement that allows American financial companies to increase their involvement in China’s capital markets in new and hazardous ways. Specifically, the agreement allows American firms to purchase Chinese non-performing loans directly from Chinese banks. The “Phase One” trade agreement was recently signed by the United States and China.

In a January op-ed, Rubio wrote that “[i]nstead of holding China accountable for exploiting American capital markets, this so-called Phase 1 agreement will make sure American capital continues to directly fund China’s state-run economy” and that “[a]nother appalling example of how good this part of the agreement is for China is the provision authorizing American financial companies to purchase Chinese nonperforming loans.”


Washington, D.C. — U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) requested information from Secretary of Defense Mark Esper on reports that banned Chinese surveillance equipment are installed at Department of Defense facilities. The letter follows a Wall Street Journal report that more than 2,700 Chinese-made surveillance devices are in use across federal installations.

The Fiscal Year 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) banned the procurement of Chinese-produced cameras and associated electronics made by Chinese companies, including Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology and Dahua Technology. The Department of Commerce added Hikvision and Dahua to the banned Entity List requiring their U.S. suppliers to gain licenses to ship components.

Mar Rubio


Rubio: “Common-good capitalism is about a vibrant and growing free market. But it is also about harnessing and channeling that growth to the benefit of our country, our people, and our society. Because after all, our nation does not exist to serve the interests of the market. The market exists to serve our nation and our people.”

Washington, D.C. — U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) addressed students at Catholic University’s Busch School of Business. Rubio spoke on “Catholic Social Doctrine and the Dignity of Work” building off his op-ed in First Things, titled “What Economics is For,” that focuses on the economy and dignity of work.

Rubio's remarks as prepared can be found here. Rubio’s full speech can be viewed here.

In a recently released report, Rubio outlines how economic growth is now more driven by finance than innovation in the production of real assets, a fundamental shift in the U.S. economy that has occurred over the last four decades. The report details how this has led to underinvestment in America’s economy and is driven by the consensus that the goal of business is to maximize financial return, leading to suffering on the part of the American worker and American industry.


Washington - U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) issued the following statement after the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), pursuant to Executive Order 13884, imposed sanctions against five officials of the Maduro regime who were previously sanctioned by the European Union (EU) or Canada.

Today’s sanctions target Remigio Ceballos Ichaso, an Admiral in the Venezuelan Navy and Commander of the Strategic Operational Command of the National Armed Forces (CEOFANB), Nestor Neptali Blanco Hurtado, a Major in the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), Jose Adelino Ornelas Ferreira, Secretary General of the National Defense Council (Secretario General del Consejo de Defensa de la Nación), Pedro Miguel Carreno Escobar, Deputy of the illegitimate Venezuelan National Constituent Assembly (ANC), and Carlos Alberto Calderon Chirinos, a senior official in Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN).

“It’s important for the United States to continue imposing maximum pressure with our international allies against members of the illegitimate Maduro regime and work together to advance democratic values in our hemisphere. As dictator Nicolás Maduro and members of his narcoterrorist regime attempt to maintain their grip on power, the United States continues to stand firmly with the Venezuelan people in defense of their quest for freedom and restoration of democratic order.”

Rubio is the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere, Transnational Crime, Civilian Security, Democracy, Human Rights, and Global Women’s Issues.