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Florida's Hurricane Tax 'Holiday' Begins Friday


TALLAHASSEE — Starting Friday, shoppers in Florida emerging from coronavirus stay-at-home orders can avoid paying sales taxes while putting together disaster preparation stockpiles for the 2020 hurricane season.

In addition to helping residents buy everything from...Click here to continue reading article.


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Rewire Your Brain to Deal With Coronavirus Stress

20 Apr Brain


Article by: Robin Hall - Out2News

What a week this has been, as we all try to digest the news about Coronavirus! What can you do instead of panicking and letting your lower brain lead you into unwise, impulsive, or extreme actions?

Notice when you are getting triggered.
Signs, like feeling hot and sweaty, your face getting flushed, breathing becoming shallower, or your heart beating faster. You may feel a rush of anxiety, or your thoughts may speed up. You may be stuck in a fearful way of thinking and unable to see a different perspective. You may feel panicky and want to act impulsively.

Focus on your senses or your breathing.
Feel your feet on the ground and your body in the chair, stretch, walk slowly around the room, bounce a ball, describe two things that you see, suck on a mint, smell a lemon, or squeeze a stress ball. Focusing on your senses in the moment or moving around slowly helps.

Reach out to a friend or family member.
Reaching out to other humans, through touch, tone of voice, facial expression, body language. When we reach out to those we love, we may secrete a hormone called oxytocin, which acts as a de-stressor to the body. Cuddling with a beloved pet can also create oxytocin release.

Understand your options.
Once you have gattered yourself and return to an emotionally better state and you no longer are in a “fight, flight, freeze,” you can think through your options.Our brains find uncertainty when we are stressed.

What level of risk you are willing to tolerate.
Loneliness is a risk factor for long-term negative health outcomes and early mortality. Some risk in interacting with others with the coronavirus. There is no choice without risk, and it is up to each of us to decide what level of physical or emotional risk we are willing to tolerate.Grounding, reaching out to a loved one to activate your social engagement system is making a wise choice,balancing and protecting yourself with looking after your mental health is most important,especially now.

Keep smiling, there is always something around us just keep looking you WILL find it! Please be stay informed, be prepared and learn how to be calm and take care yourself and those around you!

Martin County Community Information Center

19 July MC Commissioners logo

The Martin County Community Information Center is now open. Martin County’s Community Information Center is staffed to answer questions regarding county business, general information from our elected and constitutional officers and community partners including the Martin County School District, as it relates to COVID-19. Residents can call (772) 287-1652, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., daily.

For all HEALTH-RELATED questions regarding COVID-19, please call the Florida Department of Health's dedicated COVID-19 call center, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Florida Department of Health
24/7 State Hotline: (866) 779-6121

For the latest Martin County information and ongoing updates regarding COVID-19, please visit WWW.MARTIN.FL.US/CORONAVIRUS.